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IKEA kitchen - Installation and other services' fees

Home Measurement Service-$75 (NON refundable upon installation)
For a limited time, FIXE-TOU offers you a $50 refund
on measuring with the purchase of an installation.
  • Room dimension (height, length, width)
  • Dimension and position of windows and doors
  • Position of external walls
  • Width of all windows (including sill) and their height above the floor
  • Position of sloping ceilings
  • Position of electric, water and gas connections and other fixtures e.g. Pipes, radiators etc.
  • Confirm that all corners are square (90­º)
  • Confirm that all included walls are straight

In-home Planning Service - $250 (3 hours max for planning, $50 refundable upon installation)$85 per hour for each additional hour

  • All services included in the "Home Measurement Service"
  • In customer’s home planning and drawing your kitchen on the IKEA home planner according to the customer’s needs

Assembly and installation service - $99 per cabinet SEKTION

  • Assemble and install IKEA kitchen cabinets incl legs, cover panels, fillers, cornice, light valance, furring and plinth
  • Cut out in cabinet for IKEA exhaust hood
  • Mount and adjust all IKEA cabinet doors and drawers fronts for appearance
  • Install IKEA knob and handles
  • Install IKEA interior fittings

Additional services

Modification of cabinet (excl exhaust hood) 99 $ each
Holes in cabinets to prepare for IKEA lighting 25 $ per light
Dishwasher gables (in corner or ends) 49 $  
Kitchen island / Peninsula * 199 $ each in addition to per cabinet price
Integrated door on dishwasher 49 $  
Build outs 99 $ up to 3 cabinets
3x8in panels 99 $ each
   * only charged for peninsula if it needs to be framed and attached to the floor.

Other services – to be quoted from service provider on site
  • Travel outside of normal installation service area
  • Installation in high rise buildings - (will only change the removal fee)
  • Building permits, and/or additional insured certificate, available in selected local municipalities only
  • Bar construction and installation
  • Parking permits
Installation outside of Montréal :
CCQ installation (new construction, commercial, appartment) :
Ceiling closure installation :
IKEA countertop installation :
(Exclusively for cabinets installed by Fixe-Tou)

Special cabinet installation :
     Formwork :
     Case shelf :
     Custom furniture :
     Others : 


Delivery of materials and / or transport :
Delivery / installation 3rd-4th floor and / or multiple condo :
Travel costs if material already delivered :
Minimum installation fees :

 NOTE :Taxes are extra - updated April 1st, 2021

$250,00 + shipping and/or transportation

* * *   Please, contact us, special price may apply   * * *


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