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Appendix A - Warranty And Conditions Of Installation
And Limitation Of Liability


  • The assembly and installation of components are guaranteed for 1 year.

  • The adjustment of the hinges is guaranteed three months.

  • This warranty is valid only under normal conditions of use of installed items.


  • The customer agrees to allow and facilitate a site visit by FIXE-TOU before work begins.

  • The customer agrees that the old kitchen has to be dismantled and that area and a second area of work that has been previously assigned at the time of the measurement, is completely free of materials and especially free from any appliances.

  • FIXE-TOU will transmit to the client before the start of assembly work and installation of parts, a measurement plan and a plan of work to be done.

  • It is the customer's responsibility to verify all plans submitted and ensure they accurately reflect the work to be done.

  • The customer must approve and sign the plan of measuring the plan of the work to be done before the begining of the installation by FIXE-TOU.

  • Any changes to the plan of work to be done that occurred after the customer's approval of this plan, the customer will be billed at the hourly rate for the bid, plus additional materials required regardless of the nature of changes (additions or modification) and the reason necessitating such changes.

  • The client or his representative must be present at all times on the site of the facility during the execution of work.

  • Workplaces must be supplied with electricity by the customer.

  • All construction / renovation (eg plumbing, electricity) must be completed before the start of assembly work and installation by FIXE-TOU.

  • In the event that FIXE-TOU was to start work on assembly and installation while construction / renovation is not completed, the customer will approve the installation of elements (height, width) and all subsequent amendments. Customer will be billed the hourly rate agreed with the submission.

  • All the accessories needed to complete installation of the elements (including but not limited to handles, knobs, sink) and all relevant information (measures) must be available to FIXE-TOU before work begins by FIXE-TOU but should not block the 2 areas of work.

  • Only persons designated by FIXE-TOU can work on the assembly and installation of components. The kitchen and the second area of work are reserved solely by FIXE-TOU, no other shift and/or construction worker is allowed during the assembly and installation work.


  • FIXE-TOU can in no way be liable for the quality of the laying of the wall units on uneven walls.

  • FIXE-TOU can fill the gap created between the element and the wall during the levelling of the element with a molding or a Latex joint, FIXE-TOU's choice.

  • FIXE-TOU can in no way be liable for any breakage or damage on the work site (eg walls, floors, furniture, appliances, etc. ..) the customer undertakes to ensure that the FIXE-TOU's workplace is not obstructed by any object or obstacle.

  • FIXE-TOU can not be held responsible for any delay in the execution of work resulting from the unavailability of one or more accessories required for assembly and installation of components.


  • FIXE-TOU will begin work on assembly and installation of items only when it has received all the accessories required for the execution of work approved on the "Plan of work to do".

  • FIXE-TOU will confirm to the customer the date of the begining of the installation, 5 working days before the begining of the job.

  • FIXE-TOU will confirm the eve of the begining of work the time of arrival at the work site.

  • Installation work is performed by FIXE-TOU Monday to Friday between 7h00 AM and 5h00 PM. .


  • The balance due (including additional charges due from amending the plan of work to be performed) will be paid the day of installation of components at the customer's residence.

  • Any amount outstanding shall bear interest at the rate of 24% per year (1.2% per month).

  • A fee of $ 25.00 will be charged for any check not honored by the customer's financial institution.


  • In case of cancellation of contract by the customer (or delay), the latter undertakes to pay FIXE-TOU, by way of damages, the following amounts :

    A) 30% of the total amount mentioned in the bid, plus provincial and federal taxes if the cancellation or delay by customer.


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